ROTECH quality policy

Our products embody innovation, reliability and functionality.

Very important to us is the quality and reliability of products that are intended for use in explosive areas. The decision about our quality lies primarily with the customer. He makes the decisive judgment about the result and the success of our work.

For us, quality planning begins with the design of the product. The basis for quality assurance is laid through the right choice of material, simple assembly in the modular system and permanent quality monitoring.

Our suppliers are important partners in the value chain from production to delivery to customer. That is why we work with suppliers and manufacturers with whom we have established a reliable and partnership-based relationship over many, many years.

Every employee contributes to the realization of our quality goals. Suggestions from our employees for more efficient work design are accepted, checked and, if promising, integrated into our everyday work flow.

The aim of our quality policy is to maintain the very good market image and to increase it further in the future The basis of our QM system is DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

Context of our company

We align the strategy for further development of our QM system to the current developments of

  • internal and external company issues
  • interested parties and their requirements

The corporate awareness is aligned to the early identification of risks and opportunities.

Laws, regulations, standards and guidelines

All requirements resulting from laws and standards are taken into account in the context of corporate management, regulations and guidelines.